Why Franchise With Us

For over 25 years, Handyman Connection has made it a priority to equip our franchisees with the skills, knowledge, and tools to grow their handyman services business.

Why Handyman Connection?

For over 25 years, Handyman Connection has made it a priority to equip our franchisees with the skills, knowledge and tools to grow their business. With our brand standards in mind, we strive to provide all potential franchise owners with as much information as possible to help them expand, grow and evolve with a changing business environment.

We have reviewed and revised our brand platform with a fresh look at our place and positioning in the market.

We have reviewed the landscape in our ecosystem and have strategically moved towards a heavy investment of resources into technology.

We have invested into our training and support systems, while re-engineering our business model to better position franchisees for growth and success in their start-up.

Top Reasons Franchisees Love owning a Handyman Connection Franchise

  • Home repair and home remodeling is a vibrant industry that has numerous demand factors in place for a sustained period of time.
  • The opportunity to generate a portfolio of multi-purchase, repeat customers.
  • Offers a simple business model that requires no inventory and low overhead.
  • Offers you flexibility, both in your time and in your lifestyle.
  • Offers you freedom from the corporate grind giving you the ability to make your own decisions to grow and build a business as you want it to be.
  • As a Handyman Connection franchisee, you will work for yourself, but not by yourself.
  • Home Office Support – we offer the right mix of guidance and autonomy.
  • The ability to interact with, support and service your local community.
  • You will have the ability to interact with and learn from other Handyman Connection franchisees, customers and the home improvement craftsmen you engage to provide the services to homeowners.

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What does Handyman Connection mean to you?

“Our owners share what Handyman Connection means to them and why owning a franchise in the Handyman Connection network was the right decision for them.”


When starting a handyman business, building a consistent and satisfied customer base focused on optimizing lifetime value is one of the most important activities a franchisee can do. That is why Handyman Connection helps each franchise owner in the following areas of marketing activity.

National Marketing

Supported by the Brand Development Fund, Handyman Connection provides marketing support in the following areas:

  • Handyman Connection consumer website – www.HandymanConnection.com is designed to drive traffic and educate the consumer on our scope of services.
  • Online and digital Marketing Campaigns, including Search Engine Optimization [SEO], Search Engine Marketing [SEM] and Social Media for lead generation and brand building for all locations.
  • Monthly eNewsletter customizable for each location that a franchisee can use to communicate with their local market and customers.
  • Affiliation with Angie’s List and Home Advisor on National Program levels to take advantage of these trusted and significant sources of potential customers.
  • Email Retention Program – a customized email campaign that follows all closed work orders to support our Customers for Life strategy.
  • Assistance with creative design needs for local marketing campaigns.
  • Assistance with creative design needs for local marketing campaigns.
Local Marketing Programs

In addition to the national marketing efforts, Handyman Connection provides these resources to help our franchisees effectively and efficiently market their new handyman business on a local level:

  • A Customer Service Center to help manage your inbound calls.
  • A Local website with built-in Customer Relationship Database to help manage clients and activities.
  • Private Handyman Connection franchisee website where you can customize and order all of your print, promotional and apparel needs for your business.
  • Local Online and Digital Marketing Programs that augment those done on a national level.
  • Affiliate relationship with HomeAdvisor that provides discounts to Handyman Connection franchisees to participate in this local referral-listing network.
  • Monthly Marketing Education Webinar Series.
  • And more!

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Talk about Marketing with Handyman Connection

“Our marketing team take on the task of building relationships with vendor partners who will help you succeed. They offer the support and guidance that allows you to focus on your highest and best use.”


Handyman Connection Offers the best In House Training Possible

Providing our franchisees with best-in-class training is central to our mission of being a leader in the home improvement franchise industry and that is why we have spent the last 18 months overhauling our training & franchisee launch program to best help our franchisees get up and running in the most efficient way possible.

As the owner of a Handyman Connection franchise business, you will benefit from the following training opportunities:

  • Pre-opening business setup and support
  • 5 weeks of training via webinars and conference calls leading up to a 6 day in-person training session
  • Onsite field support in your territory
  • Weekly calls with your operations support team
  • Peer-to-peer networking and collaboration

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Explain your initial training experience

“Training is so important when purchasing a franchise. We are here to support so that you have a seamless kickoff when you open your doors!”


Starting a business is an exciting but new experience for many people. We have developed a customized business management software tool that keeps track of customers, work requests, craftsmen, schedules, appointments, estimates, payments, etc. This tool provides a business dashboard that breaks down your data into key operating metrics and allows you to have visibility into all key areas of your business.

We have also moved technology to the forefront of our business strategy, and we have spent a considerable amount of resources investing in technology, including mobile platforms to provide the craftsman, homeowner and franchisee with a more efficient process and enjoyable brand experience.

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Tech Support in the Handyman Connection network

“We take pride in how we help support our franchisees from a technical perspective. You should be a business owner, not a technical wizard. We offer tools and systems that can make this process seamless for you and your team.”

Choosing A Home Services Franchise

Because we look for specific characteristics and not handyman experience, Handyman Connection is suitable for individuals with an array of backgrounds. We provide franchise training courses and management software that is backed by a supportive and pro-active home office. Our franchisee training program teaches you everything you need to know about owning and running your own business. We partner our training with marketing strategies for contractors and clients, so you can grow and evolve as needed. At Handyman Connection, we know the value of open communication between all servicing arms of the company. This openness allows you access to marketing, training, and support when you need it.

Create Your Future

Handyman Connection is proud of the business opportunities we have created through franchise ownership. If you are searching for a better way to make a living that is rewarding, engaging, and fuels your passion, partner with us. Your future is worth the investment.

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Business Ownership vs Career

“As a business owner, you can take charge and shape your own future. With a franchise, you have the added benefit on a network that can help guide you along the way.”