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Handyman Connection has made starting a construction business as easy as it can be. They have done a phenomenal job of putting together not just the training program but the systems and procedures and when I left training I was ready to run a business.

- Nate Bruen | Handyman Connection entrepreneur for 9 years


I was working in the field everyday with the tools and I needed an opportunity to get out of the field and the big deciding factor was the operational setup to be in the office and working with a team in the field.

- Chris Schenk | Handyman Connection entrepreneur for 6 years


At Discovery Day, everyone treated us like family. They really took the time to care about us and why we wanted to do this and the process was amazing. My husband and I knew that this is where we belong.

- Docia Boylen | Handyman Connection entrepreneur for 6 years


I came to my first conference and the franchisees that have been here for awhile were an open book and helped me plan my success. Now I like to pay it forward for new franchisee owners.

- Lisa and Ben Gasca | Handyman Connection entrepreneur for 7 years


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