Tech Support in the Handyman Connection network

Handyman Connection’s Technology Infrastructure

The technology we use at Handyman Connection facilitates communication between our customers and craftsmen. Through a mix of email, text and mobile app integration, we’re able to update our customers in real time and give them peace of mind. Using convenient data capturing tools and digital documentation also allows us to minimize hassles and maintain a paperless business. Our mobile app enhances our customers’ experience and makes our craftsmens’ jobs that much easier. By adopting the latest technologies, we stay ahead of the curve and are highly competitive in the lucrative home improvement industry.

Seamless Customer Experience and Support for Craftsmen

Your customers’ experience matters, from the moment they contact your franchise location to the moment their project is completed. We automatically send emails with a picture of our contractor and their information, so customers know what to expect and provide them with a sense of safety. Each of our contractors has at least 10 years’ experience in the field and has passed a comprehensive background check. Customers also receive texts with appointment reminders, updates and are given the opportunity to provide feedback.

Our advanced tech tools such as our mobile app makes things much easier on your craftsmen as well. It allows for easy communication between them and the franchise location, so they can see their schedule at a glance and know where they’re headed to next. It’s also a good way to go paperless by digitally documenting transactions and uploading photos of the progress being made on their customers’ projects. The mobile app has automatic data capturing capabilities, which can help you target your customer base as a franchisee. It will generate a report summary that makes it easy to interpret the data for future marketing purposes.

Get the Tech Support You Need as a Franchisee Owner

In addition to the technology used by homeowners and contractors, franchise owners have access to a robust CRM system that will help you create repeat customers. Handyman Connection has IT committees that brainstorm ideas and implement roadmaps to ensure that our services are as efficient and convenient as possible. We train our franchisees on our software, which is designed to be easy-to-use and intuitive for everyone. Our priority is to offer a seamless real world and virtual experience that will create customers for life.

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