Flight Groups

Peer-to-Peer Flight Groups for Franchise Owners

The peer-to-peer flight groups at Handyman Connection are just one of the ways franchise owners receive support as they grow. Our groups are made up of like-minded franchisees who face the same challenges and have similar goals in mind for the development of their business. We facilitate open and honest discussions that allow everyone to receive respectful yet constructive critiques and suggestions. Sharing your experiences, ideas and getting feedback from your peers is the best way to learn about practical solutions for the issues you encounter every day. You can stay in touch with fellow franchisees by attending ongoing flight group meetings that are designed to help keep you on track.

Reach Business Goals with Your Flight Group

Franchisees at a similar stage of development are grouped together because they often have the same questions, issues and concerns. You get to speak with members of the home office who can address your needs and teach you about the tools that can help fine tune your procedures. Everyone gets a chance to establish goals and share them with the group, which helps to hold each other accountable. Flight groups hold conference calls about once a month and meet each other face to face a couple of times a year.

Because franchisees come from diverse career backgrounds, you’ll get to exchange your expertise with the group. You can begin to implement the valuable insights and ideas you gain at these meetings right away and adjust them to suit your needs as you go along. When you’ve been with a flight group for a while, you develop personal relationships with the peers you count on for advice.

Get Honest Feedback to Develop Your Business

Get honest and useful feedback from other franchise owners and home office leaders who understand what you’re going through. We know the numbers and can help you see how they correlate to your marketing efforts and profits among other factors. We make our flight groups a focused environment where we can provide actionable critiques to help you improve your business and stay ahead of the curve.

Tech Support in the Handyman Connection network

"We take pride in how we help support our franchisees from a technical perspective. You should be a business owner, not a technical wizard. We offer tools and systems that can make this process seamless for you and your team."


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