Elevator Pitch for Handyman Connection

This is the Handyman Connection Franchise Difference

Owning a franchise location is as much about providing a good living for your craftsmen and meeting your customers’ needs as it is about your success. Handyman Connection sets itself apart by giving you substantial support at every stage of development beginning with the training at boot camp. We believe that you’re a good fit for our franchise if you’re passionate about serving people and have an interest in the home improvement industry. The devotion you have for your business will be the driving motivator for you to roll up your sleeves and accomplish the day-to-day tasks.

Join the Ranks of Leaders in Home Improvement

At Handyman Connection, you are given the tools to successfully launch your business and receive sufficient training to manage a wide range of scenarios. We work with vendor partners to manage your marketing efforts, which are targeted to homeowners in your geolocation. Customers will start rolling through the door from day one of your startup phase with adjustments made to your outreach campaign for steady growth thereafter. Our goal is to offer superior customer service and the highest quality craftsmanship to meet the needs of homeowners who want to reinvest in their most valuable asset.

As a franchise owner you’ll get to make a difference in people’s lives by being involved in the craftsmen recruitment process and making their days working in the field as smooth as possible. Your craftsmen will receive full coverage insurance benefits and adequate training to help them complete their job to the best of their ability. Our advanced tech tools also leave a good impression on your customers who have access to our mobile app and will receive email and text updates with progress updates about their project.

Expect the Best From Our National Franchise

We invite candidates to speak with our current owners to receive an accurate assessment of what the Handyman Connection business is all about. Our franchise owners’ success is our success, so there are plenty of marketing resources and business coaching opportunities available. Get your start as a franchisee by joining a national home improvement business with the backing, support and reputation you need to be your own boss and improve the lives of others in the process.

Talk about the Home Office at Handyman Connection

"We want you to know that we have your back. Our home office team creates effective plans to help you with your marketing and operations. We are here to help and provide the tools you need to succeed as a business owner."


Tech Support in the Handyman Connection network

"We take pride in how we help support our franchisees from a technical perspective. You should be a business owner, not a technical wizard. We offer tools and systems that can make this process seamless for you and your team."


Tell us about the Handyman Connection culture

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Benefits of owning a Handyman Connection Franchise

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What are important skills to have when buying a franchise

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Business Ownership vs Career

"As a business owner, you can take charge and shape your own future. With a franchise, you have the added benefit on a network that can help guide you along the way."


What does Handyman Connection mean to you?

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Day in the life of an owner

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Why attend a Handyman Connection conference?

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Did you do any research on Handyman Connection?

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