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Handyman Connection Helps You Make an Informed Decision

Before embarking on their journey with Handyman Connection, franchise owners do their due diligence to ensure that we’re the best fit for them. We refer candidates to current franchisees who can tell you about their personal experience and perspective. Our franchise location owners have been in your position before and are eager to help you make an informed decision. The home improvement industry is lucrative, personally rewarding and a great way to meet the needs of homeowners in your community. When you contact our home office, you will receive helpful resources to help answer all of your most pressing questions.

Get Accurate Assessments of Franchise Ownership

If you’re considering your options in the franchising sphere, it’s important to understand how different organizations compare and contrast. Handyman Connection makes it easy for future franchise owners to understand what sets us apart and makes us the best choice in the construction industry. Our contractors are multifaceted professionals who can perform a wide range of tasks from electrical installations and carpentry to complete home remodels. While other single-trade companies might face stiff competition and struggle to establish themselves as experts, we have the market covered to meet our customers’ home improvement needs.

This type of franchising model is attractive to many candidates because they understand that they’re paid in proportion to the problems they solve. We’re confident that our franchisees will give you an honest assessment of their experience and help you see why Handyman Connection is the ideal choice.

Contact Our Franchisees to See What You Can Expect

We’re backed by market data that demonstrates how our industry improves job growth and boosts the local economy. Likewise, there will always be homeowners who need upgrades done to their property and our contractors have the skills to accomplish the job with the best results. You won’t have to search very far to see that we’re doing something right when you read our countless customer testimonials. We encourage you to use our responsive and supportive franchisees as a resource to gain perspective and learn from their expertise.

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"Our marketing team take on the task of building relationships with vendor partners who will help you succeed. They offer the support and guidance that allows you to focus on your highest and best use."


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"We want you to know that we have your back. Our home office team creates effective plans to help you with your marketing and operations. We are here to help and provide the tools you need to succeed as a business owner."


Tech Support in the Handyman Connection network

"We take pride in how we help support our franchisees from a technical perspective. You should be a business owner, not a technical wizard. We offer tools and systems that can make this process seamless for you and your team."


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"What is it that makes Handyman Connection so special? Learn about our culture and how important it is to us."


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"Why own a Handyman Connection franchise? Hear from some of our franchisees themselves."


What are important skills to have when buying a franchise

"Hear some of our franchise owners talk about the most important skills to have when buying a franchise."


Business Ownership vs Career

"As a business owner, you can take charge and shape your own future. With a franchise, you have the added benefit on a network that can help guide you along the way."


What does Handyman Connection mean to you?

"Our owners share what Handyman Connection means to them and why owning a franchise in the Handyman Connection network was the right decision for them."


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