Benefits of owning a Handyman Connection Franchise

Benefits of Owning a Local Franchise Location

The satisfaction that comes with owning a Handyman Connection franchise and building relationships in your community is a big draw for many interested candidates. It’s not your typical nine to five; being a successful leader in your industry means you’re able to impart a positive change in the lives of your employees and customers too. Remodeling and making upgrades to a property is often tied into major life events like buying your first home or making accommodations for your growing family. As a franchise owner, you bring customers value by hiring trained and qualified craftsmen and women who can make their home improvement dreams come true. At Handyman Connection, owners have the foundation, support and culture to help you reach your business goals.

Handyman Connection Sets You Up for Success

One of the major benefits of being a franchisee is having the support of the home office to guide you in the right direction. Handyman Connection sets you up with a structured framework, which offers tried and true methods that have proven successful for franchisees that came before. We effectively market our services, recruit skilled craftsmen and use a robust custom relationship management (CRM) software to track progress on projects. The tools and practices we implement will also help you avoid potential obstacles and navigate challenges as they present themselves. Our unique business model makes it easier for owners to provide the types of excellent services and results our customers have come to expect. You have the freedom of running a business on your terms with a nationwide network of franchise owners who band together to provide mentorship and help each other succeed.

Reap the Benefits of Becoming a Franchise Owner

When you combine your passion for helping people with the Handyman Connection business model, you have a personally and professionally fulfilling career unlike many others. Committing yourself to excellence in every aspect of your business operations will help you form long-lasting relationships with both local homeowners and craftsmen alike. Reap the rewards of watching your team’s hard work come to fruition and exceed your customers’ expectations with high-quality results they’ll enjoy for many years to come. It is evident we’re doing something right from the countless positive online ratings, reviews and feedback we receive for our various franchise locations across the United States and Canada. Give back to your community by delivering value as a Handyman Connection franchise owner.

What does Handyman Connection mean to you?

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Day in the life of an owner

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Why attend a Handyman Connection conference?

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Did you do any research on Handyman Connection?

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Why choose to own a franchise vs doing it on your own?

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Discovery Day

"Discovery Day is so important to us at Handyman Connection. We want you to feel comfortable making the decision to join the Handyman Connection team and take pride in showcasing what we're all about!"


Elevator Pitch for Handyman Connection

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Explain your initial training experience

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Craftsmen Recruiting

"Learn how Handyman Connection franchisees successfully recruit craftsmen to their business."


Goals & Projections for Handyman Connection as a client

"You have goals and we're here to help you meet those goals. Nothing is more rewarding than seeing our franchisees realize what they set out to accomplish."