Top Reasons Franchisees Love Owning a Franchise.

Why Handyman Connection?

"One of the things that attracted me to Handyman Connection was the fact that they used data to make decisions and they're on the cutting edge of how to market to customers and how to use technology..."

Mike Andra

Mansfield, TX

What is the Future of Your Handyman Business

"Being involved for the last 17 years, I don't know if I'd do anything else. I really enjoy coming to work every day... I plan to be at this for the next 10 years."

Carol Morhart

Edmonton, AB

The Handyman Connection Experience

"At Handyman Connection we create connections based on your goals and ideas and our shared values because human connection is the foundation of everything."

Handyman Connection

The Support Handyman Connection Provides

"This franchise offers training on website, seo, business plans all starting from scratch. Without this training, I would not have known how to do this."

Multiple Owner

The Benefits of Joining a Franchise

"...having a family or group of people stand behind the brand is very helpful rather than going out on your own."

Carol Morhart

Edmonton, AB

The First Step of Owning a Handyman Franchise

"We're looking for someone who can be a leader of people, who can work with the customer and help them...who can lead the craftsmen...who can go out and generate revenue and partner with people. "

David Brand

Handyman Connection Corporate

Leveraging Technology

"Our software really enables us to have 10 different craftsmen in the field there for their 9:00 a.m. appointment... We're able to deliver the service to the customer on time and meet their expectations."

Mike Savegnago

Wheaton, IL

Recruiting Handyman Connection Craftsmen

"Our goal is to recruit the very best, the cream of the crop, because those are the guys who get repeat customers that come back over and over again..."

Steve McCoy

Colorado Springs, CO

Handyman Connection Customer Experience

"[We] really believe in sustaining that customer base and treating them well. For instance, we have one customer this year that's used us seven times...she completely trusts us and our craftsmen."

Dustin Kreiger

Blue Ash, OH

Handyman Connection Franchise Owners Enjoy a Flexible Lifestyle

"There's multiple reasons I chose Handyman Connection... I wanted to have a business that provided me lifestyle, not a job...a business that provided me time with my family..."

Chris Nielsen

Spokane, WA

The Lifestyle You Want.


In control of your destiny

You make the decisions

Income you desire

More time with family