Top Reasons Franchisees Love Owning a Franchise.

Day to Day Operations and Craftsmen

"What is the typical day in the life of a Handyman Connection franchise owner?"


The Benefits of Business Ownership

"Several Handyman Connection franchisees tell you what they did before owning a Handyman Connection business and why they chose to buy a business."


Why Choose a Home Service Franchise

"Handyman Connection franchisees share why they chose a franchise in the home services industry. Many saw a huge demand in the industry, they are passionate about the industry and are having fun at the same time. The most important asset a person has is their home, and our owners "


Support from Handyman Connection’s Home Office Team

"Handyman Connection franchisees tell you all about the support they receive from Handyman Connection’s Home Office team. What is their relationship and how does the team help them in their business? Learn how often the team speaks with franchisees and their responsiveness."


Why Franchising and Why Handyman Connection

"Handyman Connection Franchisees tell you why they believe franchising is the best option. Learn why they chose Handyman Connection over other concepts and what they liked most."


A Franchisee’s Relationship with Our Brand and with Their Customers

"Handyman Connection franchisees tell you what the brand means to them – professionally modernizing our industry, you care, quality, trust, loyalty, connect two people that really need each other, peace of mind for our customers, create relationship with customers and craftsmen. They go "


The Lifestyle You Want.


In control of your destiny

You make the decisions

Income you desire

More time with family