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Are you looking for an opportunity to start, operate, and grow a profitable business? Becoming a Handyman Connection franchise owner is a great way to have the freedom to run your own business that starts with an affordable investment in a continually growing industry.

Franchise Opportunity

Why a Handyman Connection Franchise?

The demand for home improvement, repair and remodeling projects are at an all-time high, creating increased need for qualified, trusted companies and professionals to provide these services. Homeowners want reliable and quality service, which is a cornerstone of the Handyman Connection operating philosophy.

Homeowners are consistently faced with a variety of repair and maintenance issues throughout a home’s lifetime, offering countless opportunities for continued growth to Handyman Connection franchise owners.

Handyman Connection engages specialists skilled in a variety of trades to ensure quality customer service on every project. High repeat customer opportunity allows the building of long-term connections to truly capitalize on the lifetime value of customers.

Franchise Opportunity

Why a Home Improvement & Repair Franchise?

The home repair and improvement industry is massive and will be around as long as people own or are responsible for the maintenance of their homes.

Now is a great time to own a handyman franchise business as the economy and housing market is back on the rise. People are not only able to afford necessary repairs and replacements, but upgrades and additions as well.

“Homeowner spending on remodeling is expected to see healthy growth through 2025, according to Demographic Change and the Remodeling Outlook, the latest biennial report in the Improving America’s Housing series released today by the Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies.”- JCHS February, 2017

“Home improvement spending in the US is projected to see healthy growth over the coming decade, increasing from just over $220 billion in 2015 to almost $270 billion in 2025. Older homeowners will continue to lead remodeling activity, as they make investments that allow for aging in place. And as more millennials move into homeownership, their spending will boost the already thriving improvement market”- JCHS, Harvard 2017

We are also experiencing a growing demographic of baby-boomers that continually look to small to medium home repairs, or larger scale improvements in their homes as they prepare for a changing lifestyle.

“69.1% of homeowners during the first quarter of 2017 reported planning one or more home improvement projects in the next three months, compared to 65.7% in the first quarter of 2016. This means consumers, who drive the economy, continue to feel confidence.” - FineHomeBuilding, March 2017

Franchise Opportunity

What Makes a Handyman Connection Franchise Different?

Leave the handiwork to your craftsmen! As a home repair and improvement business owner, your role is to drive the marketing, sales, and the people management side of the business. Through over 20 years of operation, Handyman Connection has attracted individuals from a large cross-section of industries and backgrounds. Handyman Connection is also a technological leader in the industry making innovations in customer management, project management, resource planning, marketing and mobility.

Franchisee Characteristics
Many of our franchisees come out of middle to senior management positions in corporate America, sales professionals and business owners. We don’t expect our franchisees to have all of the skills and characteristics of successful franchisees when they come on board. However, we do look for franchisees to have the ability, energy, and work ethic to learn new skills and the personality to want to execute the skills that we support. These include the development of business plans and effectively marketing & selling Handyman Connection services in their markets.

In addition, franchisees must be able to quickly identify and close job opportunities and efficiently manage the completion of those jobs. Franchisees must possess the qualities of an entrepreneur, be willing to work long hours, and assume the personal responsibility for the success of the business. Handyman Connection franchisees thrive on being in charge of a business and must be able to staff and lead people. Franchisees also must have the financial acumen to handle the accounting duties of their company and the organizational skills to ensure that operations run smoothly.

While their backgrounds vary, there are some common and consistent traits we see in franchisees that have successfully taken on our franchise business opportunity:

  • Organized
  • Assertive
  • Service oriented
  • Self motivated
  • Outgoing and persuasive

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