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If you are looking to start and grow a profitable business, Handyman Connection has a great opportunity for you. Our affordable franchise ownership options allow you the freedom to run your own business within a proven business model for success.

The Handyman Connection Franchise Difference

As a home repair and improvement business owner, your role is to drive the marketing, sales and manage your people. With over 25 years selling the original handyman franchise, Handyman Connection has enticed individuals from a vast cross-section of industries and backgrounds. Handyman Connection is an innovation leader in technology with customer management, project management, resource planning, marketing, and mobility.

Even though backgrounds vary, some common traits we see in franchisees that ensure success are:

  • Dedication
  • Drive
  • Organized
  • Assertive
  • Service-oriented
  • Outgoing
  • Growth mindset

Characteristics of a Successful Franchisee

Handyman Connection does not expect our franchisees to have all the skills and characteristics when they come on board, however, we do look for traits that make a successful entrepreneur. Strong work ethic, adaptability, focus, drive, support, and leadership skills will help develop our franchisees into Handyman Connection material. Pair those with our founding ethics, and ability to effectively market & sell Handyman Connection services and you have a winning team.

In addition, franchisees must be able to identify and close on job opportunities quickly, then efficiently manage the completion of them. Successful franchisees must possess the qualities of a leader, business professional, dedicate long hours and assume personal accountability for every job, whatever the outcome. The success of the business is your business. A franchise needs to thrive on overseeing something with constant moving parts and variables. Handyman Connection franchise owners must have the financial acumen to tackle accounting duties of their company, as well as organizational skills to guarantee operations run smoothly.

Benefits of Franchising

“Owning a Handyman Connection franchise business puts you in business for yourself, but not by yourself.”

A Franchise offers the independence of small business ownership supported by the benefits of a big business network and a proven business blueprint.

You don’t need an abundance of business experience to run a Handyman Connection franchise. Our home office staff will provide the training you need to operate the business model. No handyman experience needed.

Franchises have a higher rate of success than start-up businesses.

It may cost less to buy a franchise than start your own business of the same type.

Handyman Connection Franchise has an established reputation and image, proven management and work practices, access to national marketing and advertising and ongoing business owner training and support.

Handyman Connection Franchise Conversation

Home Improvement Industry Growth

Handyman Connection Roof Inspection

The home improvement and repair industry is multi-faceted and will be around as long as there are homeowners. Handyman franchise businesses can be a great investment opportunity as they answer the needs of several different customer groups.

People looking to sell their homes want to spruce them up before putting them on the market. Buyers have the means to improve the homes they have just purchased. Homeowners wanting to create their dream home are making those dreams happen. Baby boomers looking to remain in their homes need adjustments and upgrades. Seeking the services of home improvement specialists is the logical next step when customers decide to move forward.

Home services surpassed both food and restaurant franchises to rank as the most popular franchise category in the second quarter of 2020. Like Handyman Connection, home services franchises claimed the No. 1 spot, moving up from the No. 2 spot in Q1 with a 31.2% increase in share. Home Improvement and

Handyman service franchises will remain a lucrative and popular business opportunity because homes will always require repairs and updates. You can read more about these findings in the Franchise Insights on Home Services Surge in Popularity.

Handyman Connection franchises are a great investment opportunity providing an array of services that are needed by a diverse subset of different customers. If you are looking for a franchise opportunity in a fast-growing industry that provides you scalability consider reaching out to Handyman Connection to discuss franchise ownership today.

Handyman Connection Franchises

Handyman Connection Kitchen Consultation

The need for reputable, qualified companies and service professionals to meet customer demand is always there. Homeowners want a brand they can trust, with credentials that match. Handyman Connection franchises occupy that place of trust and expertise in the communities they serve.
Homeowners constantly face a variety of repair and maintenance issues throughout their ownership. This provides countless opportunities to grow your clientele, build your Handyman Connection franchise and become invaluable to your customers.

As a Handyman Connection business owner, you’ll engage specialists who are skilled in a variety of trades, ensuring quality craftsmanship for every project. Repeat and referral customer opportunities allow you to build a strong client base for long-term connections and value for your business.

Your Team of Craftsmen

Handyman Connection Craftsmen

The Handyman Connection home improvement franchise business plan employs a network of qualified tradespeople and craftsmen to provide an array of home improvement, renovation, repair, and remodeling services. We specialize in small to medium size projects based in your assigned territory. You build your team, so you have a hand in who is working for your customers on your behalf. Careful cultivation of your team allows you to direct your business as you desire. As a franchise owner, you schedule jobs and orchestrate their workload. You eliminate their need for marketing and advertising while providing them with incoming jobs and projects. This enables your team to focus their time and energy in practicing their craft and deliver top-of-the-line work to every client.

Your Day-to-Day Operations

Handyman Connection Porch Consultation

As a Handyman Connection franchise owner, every day is different. You rarely encounter repetition or monotony. A large part of one day can be spent in the office, managing schedules, and taking care of aspects related to the business. The next day might find you traveling from project to project or meeting with clients on-site. Flexibility is essential when owning a home improvement franchise with Handyman Connection. Although your daily routine changes, the goal remains the same: grow and develop your handyman service franchise. From working with internal staff and craftspeople to providing quotes to clients, you have equal time in and out of the office. Some days may be spent marketing to new customers and other days you are marketing to recruits. As you look for opportunities to become financially independent and provide for your family and future, Handyman Connection franchise ownership does this while keeping your work and home life balanced.

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Benefits of Owning a Handyman Connection

“Why own a Handyman Connection franchise? Hear from some of our franchisees themselves.”

What are the important skills to have when buying a franchise?

“Hear some of our franchise owners talk about the most important skills to have when buying a franchise.”

Day in the life of an owner

“What does a typical day look like as a franchise owner in the Handyman Connection network?”