About Us


Handyman Connection is a handyman and home improvement franchise concept that serves the repair, restoration and maintenance needs of residential and commercial properties. Handyman Connection specializes in small- to medium-sized home improvements, repairs and remodeling projects that cover a wide range of “around-the-house” type handyman services.


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Handyman Connection was founded in 1991 and we have been in the home improvement franchising industry since 1993. We have completed over 2 million jobs in our 20+ years of business!

We are the first handyman concept to offer franchise opportunities and currently have home improvement franchisees operating across 28 states and 5 Canadian provinces.

Vision & Values

At Handyman Connection, our vision is simple:

To be the lifetime connection for all of our customers’ home improvement needs.

Our values are clear:

  • Deliver on our commitments
  • Respect the connections
  • Have pride in what you do
  • Practice continuous improvement

Business Model

The Handyman Connection home improvement franchise employs and utilizes a network of qualified craftsmen and tradesmen to offer small to medium size residential and commercial renovations, repairs and remodeling jobs.

As a franchisee, you will not perform handyman services yourself. You will utilize craftsmen and service advisors, after the initial start up period, to quote and sell jobs and provide customer service follow up. We have options for our franchise locations to utilize a non-employee subcontractor model where craftsmen are 1099 not w-2 employees or an employee model depending on their structure and preference. Our pricing structure is based on individual projects not a fixed time and material basis, thus allowing you to competitively offer your services in your community.

As a Handyman Connection franchisee, you will be responsible for finding customers through marketing and referrals. Our long-term business model is built on the ability to have a multiple purchase, repeat customer base.

Our Development Team

David Brand

David has been both a corporate executive and franchise owner. His career started in the rental car industry. His last position was General Manager for the State of New York for Alamo Car Rental. When the travel industry took a hit after 9/11, and being the youngest executive at the time, David was downsized. David moved to a leading car repair franchise in operational support and then bought his own franchise. David joined Handyman Connection in 2011 and now leads the Franchise Development team in growing our network of home improvement franchisees across North America.

Tara Merchant

Tara has cultivated a great deal of knowledge and experience in helping our candidates on the road to entrepreneurship. Her background includes owning her own franchise prior to joining Handyman Connection, as well as positions with JP Morgan Chase and life coach Tony Robbins. She finds great personal fulfillment in her role of helping our candidates with their decision-making process. Tara made the choice to invest in herself which ultimately led her to the joy she has in helping our candidates achieve the same dream.

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